What is a Vasectomy Procedure?

Vasectomy is essentially a form of birth control for men that is permanent. During a vasectomy procedure, a doctor will close the tubes that carry sperm. This means the sperm cannot leave the tube and impregnate a woman.  

How Does a Vasectomy Procedure Work?

The vasectomy procedure works by allowing a man to ejaculate without releasing any sperm. There is a simple way to accomplish this, a single, small incision is made in the scrotum. Next, the tube that connects the testicles to the prostate is divided. After this, a small segment is removed and cauterized. This process cuts off the release of sperm.

Vasectomies are an in-office procedure that take roughly 15 to 30 minutes. This procedure is painless and doesn’t involve any needles or scalpels. After this procedure patients are able to return to work in three days and can even return to daily activities in a week.

How Effective is a Vasectomy Procedure?

Vasectomy procedures are extremely effective. They are almost 100 percent effective. There may leftover sperm beyond the blocked tubes. If this is the case, continue practicing safe sex by either wearing a condom or having your partner explore other contraceptive options. This sperm typically runs out in about three months.

What is the Recovery Time After Getting a Vasectomy Procedure?

After the procedure it is expected to feel pain, bruising and soreness. Every man may have a different experience, but most after-surgery procedures cause slight or moderate pain. It is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity for about a week after your procedure. This usually goes away in a few days and your doctor may be able to help with pain management.

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