Allow the Urology Experts to Treat Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD), refers to an array of issuesincluding urological problemsthat occur in the pelvic region. Urinary symptoms, particularly incontinence, frequency and urgency, are fairly common. However, many fail to seek treatment and suffer through pain and inconvenience because they do not realize treatment is available and are too embarrassed to discuss the sensitive subject with their physicians.


Pelvic floor dysfunction often serves as an umbrella term for many dysfunctions occurring in the pelvic region. The various issues could involve bladder dysfunction, bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and chronic pelvic pain. A patient with PFD often experiences dysfunction in many areas of the pelvic region, and the reasons for the symptoms frequently overlap.


All too often, patients experiencing symptoms of PFD hesitate to discuss their symptoms with a medical practitioner. However, the cause of the symptoms is generally medical in nature, not preventable, and the condition is treatable. Childbirth, pelvic surgery, trauma, infection or posture can all result in symptoms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Generally, muscles in the pelvic region have weakened or unnaturally tensed. The patient has difficulty controlling the muscles both to contract and relax as they should. Physical therapy that focuses on the pelvic floor can restore the patient’s quality of life and resolve symptoms of PFD.


Pelvic floor physical therapy ranges in activity and intensity. Targeted exercise and temperature therapy generally play a major role in the treatment plan. Other treatments may be more intensive. Therapy involves sensors that are placed on the wall of the vagina. The sensors provide information about the intensity of the contraction and relaxation of pelvic floor muscles. This information aids the patient as he or she works to develop better control of these muscles. Pelvic floor therapy is not a magic cure; satisfactory results may require several therapeutic sessions.

Seek Treatment With the Urology Experts

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