Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean things in the bedroom need to get old. The Associated Press pointed out recently that many older couples are making sexual abstinence a choice because of skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs that can help with some sexual dysfunction issues.

Some drug prices have tripled, and coverage under some insurance policies may not be possible. But you shouldn’t have to choose between foregoing sexual activities and going broke because of prescription drug prices. So here are some ideas to free yourself of that thought.

Think Generic

If your physician recommends medication for sexual disfunction, first think generic. For example, there are generic forms of many drugs that address issues such as erectile dysfunction, making it more affordable for those whose doctor’s recommend that as a solution.

Review Your Health Insurance

Depending on your health insurance, you may be able to take advantage of brand name medications if approved by your physician. Some health insurance policies cover brand names and authorize specific dosages to be taken within a defined timeframe.

For women, most health insurance also usually covers some brand-name medicines and most generic medicines for sexual disfunction, including those that are taken to relieve symptoms of a variety of sexual dysfunctional issues. You may also want to take at look at your copayment requirements even if your coverage is considered “generous.”

Options for Women

A reduced sex drive caused by a drop in the hormone estrogen during menopause can also lead to dysfunctions such as vaginal dryness. While you may consider sexual abstinence an option, It is possible to reduce pain and other symptoms while restoring moisture through the use of prescribed medicines that contain estrogen. There are vaginal tablets and creams, as well as patched and pills that may be right for you.

Again, depending upon your insurance plan, these solutions may or may not be affordable for you. Then again, for some women, over-the-counter lubricants may be the answer. Either way, these potential solutions are worth discussing with your physician.

Shop It

In case you didn’t know, prices for various medications generally vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. You can shop a variety of stores such as pharmacies inside grocery chains like Publix or Wal-Mart, as well as the retail drugstores including Walgreens and CVS. Don’t forget to look online, and if you are a member of BJ’s Wholesale Club or Costco Wholesale for example, they should also be on your radar to check into.

Instead of Sexual Abstinence, Contact Urology Experts

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