Fort Myers is an exciting and tropical city in Florida. For anyone who loves beaches, warm climates and fun times, we recommend checking out Fort Myers for your weekend getaway. Scenic Fort Myers is a vibrant Lee County city that’s chock-full of things to do and see.

Head to Gorgeous Fort Myers Beach

What better way to spend the weekend in Florida than by having a little fun in the sun? Head over to stunning Fort Myers Beach to bask in the sunlight, relax and perhaps even go for a few refreshing swims. The sugar-sand on the beach is absolutely mesmerizing. Fort Myers Beach is a great spot for fun, recreational activities like kayaking and parasailing.

Visit Lovely Centennial Park

If you want to spend your weekend outdoors but aren’t really in the mood to go to the beach, you may want to think about visiting Centennial Park in Fort Myers. This lovely community park spans 10 acres and is conveniently located in the heart of the city’s historic and bustling downtown area. If you want a relaxing picnic while staring at the mesmerizing Caloosahatchee River, Centennial Park is definitely the place to do so. If you’d like to throw a party, you can even reserve a covered pavilion at the park.

See the Beautiful Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Did you know Thomas Edison and Henry Ford had their winter estates in Fort Myers? Enjoy the 20 acres of beautiful land where the Edisons and Fords vacationed during the winter months. The newly restored buildings on the sprawling acres include the Edison Main House, Guest House and Caretaker’s House as well as the Ford House. The historic landscape, established in 1929, encompasses the award-winning Moonlight Garden as well as hundreds of inventions from the duo, including artifacts and special exhibits. Take a day, or spend the whole weekend at the estate and get lost in time.

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