A urinary tract infection is typically a bacterial infection involving the bladder and/or urethra. However, a urinary tract infection can spread further up the urinary tract, affecting the ureters and kidneys. It can be an extremely painful condition, which makes prevention preferable.


Urinary tract infections can cause severe distress. Symptoms include burning during urination, frequent urination and pain in the bladder. Symptoms that the infection has spread to the kidneys include flank pain and fever.

Overall Hygiene

There are a few everyday hygiene habits people can adopt that will help reduce the risk of UTIs. Thorough, daily cleansing of the genitals and anus with an unscented soap or body wash will reduce bacteria present near the urethra and prevent irritation from harsh chemicals. It is also very important to change underwear daily as well as after strenuous exercise.

Bathroom Hygiene

On top of daily hygiene, it is crucial to maintain good bathroom hygiene. Bacteria from the rectum causes most urinary tract infections. First and foremost, wipe from the front to the back to keep bacteria from the rectum from entering the urethra. Additionally, make sure to use the bathroom after intercourse. The act of urinating introduces acidity into the urethra, which can help fight bacteria.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water is critical to urinary health. It will ensure regular urination, which flushes out the urinary tract.

Avoid Irritating Feminine Products

Scented pads and tampons can irritate the urethra, making it more prone to infection along with the uncomfortable symptoms of infection. Feminine sprays have the same effect. Additionally, avoid using douche products. They are not recommended for either vaginal or bladder health.

Dress Accordingly

When trying to avoid a UTI, clothing matters. Avoid anything that is tight in the genital region as snug clothing will help trap bacteria. Stick to breathable materials for both pants and underwear. Cotton is the best option.

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