Kidney stones are common among millions of people across the world, and can be very painful. Common symptoms include blood in the urine, extreme back pain and nausea. While there are several good treatments to help clear up these crystals that develop in urine and form inside the kidney, you can also address prevention techniques, including changing your diet habits now, before the potential of kidney stone appears.

Too Much Sodium and Caffeine

Kidney stones for many people develop because of overuse of sodium and/or caffeine, so it’s really a diet issue for them. Think about the burgers, hot dogs and other fast foods that may contain a full day’s recommended serving size in just one meal. Then consider the energy drinks, soda and other such beverages loaded with the equivalent of 10 or more teaspoons of sugar.

Changing Your Diet for Better Hydration

And, if you are not drinking a good amount of water daily, that can cause dehydration, further fueling the problem. Living in Southwest Florida, where the weather is mostly hot, can also add to the risk of kidney stones due to dehydration if there is not a sufficient amount of water in your body. All of which can add up to trouble – kidney stones.

‘Less’ is Better Than ‘More’

While there is no medication to help after you’ve been diagnosed with kidney stones, there are some ways that changing your diet and being more mindful of your daily habits may help you prevent kidney stones. While you do not have to completely shut off your supply of sweetened drinks and caffeine – although that is our recommendation as well! — “less often” is usually better than “more often.” But if you desire to carry on with your favorite beverages, at least incorporate more water in your daily routine to help combat the risk.

More Water Please!

Many doctors recommend six to eight glasses of water a day, which, when you think about it, is not impossible if you are serious about changing your diet to prevent kidney stones. But it does take a commitment to paying attention to how much water you are drinking to stay hydrated. Sometimes just the color of your urine can be an indicator of whether you are drinking enough water: Dark urine probably means you should increase your water intake.

Watch Your Steak Consumption

For steak lovers, reducing the portion of meat at each serving can make a difference when changing your diet. Look for a steak about the size of a rectangle that can fit in the palm of your hand. Smaller pieces like this will decrease the amount of calcium oxalate that enters your body. We mention this because calcium oxalate stones are a very common type of kidney stone, and are caused by excessive amounts of oxalate in urine.

Urology Experts

If you think you may have kidney stones, you can trust the professionals at Urology Experts to get to the root of the problem. Dr. Alejandro Miranda-Sousa has the urological experience and expertise to help you. Contact us now to find out how we can help.